Working with Trauma: PTSD


Working with Trauma: PTSD 2-Hour Live Interactive Webinar with Dr. Fiona Kennedy or watch after the event Introduction Post-traumatic responses can involve fight or flight (PTSD) or shutting down (dissociation). This webinar is about the fight or flight reactions: flashbacks, nightmares, anger, avoidance and arousal. Many of our clients have suffered trauma, and it is [...]

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Practitioner Training


BPS Approved DBT Full Practitioner training is for qualified mental health or social work professionals. It is a ten day course with 7.5 hours supervision, casebook submission, case presentations by participants and a DBT exam. It leads to a DBT Practitioner Certificate from GreenWood Mentors Ltd., an established and reputable DBT training provider. The course [...]

The Decider Skills


The Decider Skills with FREE manual Simple, accessible, effective, DBT/CBT Skills for Groups and Individuals 4-Hour Live Interactive Webinar/Workshop with Michelle Ayres & Carol Vivyan or watch after the event Introduction GreenWood Mentors Ltd is delighted to have invited the Decider Skills creators to deliver this training. The Decider Skills use CBT and DBT (dialectical [...]

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